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Public Auction Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

Ewing Bros. Auctions are currently held each Saturday beginning promptly at 10:00 AM.

Vehicles to be auctioned may be viewed the day preceding the auction between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Entering or starting vehicles prior to the auction without permission will not be allowed due to liability. Any person caught tampering with, or removing parts or personal property from vehicles will be charged with theft.

You must register in our office and have a bid card in your possession in order to bid on a vehicle. Auction registration requires a $100.00 deposit to obtain a bidder's registration card. Your registration deposit is fully refundable at any time during or after the auction if no vehicle purchase is made. If you are awarded a vehicle bid, your full $100.00 deposit will be applied toward the purchase price.

All vehicles are sold as is, where is and all sales are final. Ewing Bros. offers no warranties expressed or implied, on any auction vehicle and we do not guarantee the mechanical fitness of any vehicle. The bidder, by registering for our auction, agrees to all our terms and conditions, and assumes a legal responsibility to pay for any and all items purchased.

There will be no bids less than $25.00 at a time.

We make notes on the windshield of the auction vehicles for your benefit. The first letter will be an A or a S. This stands for an Automatic or Standard, (manual stick shift), transmission. The next letter may be an S meaning the vehicle Starts under it's own power and doesn't require a jump start or it could be an R which means the vehicle's engine Runs but the battery requires a jump start. The letter M designates that the vehicle Moves forward and backward. A vehicle with the letters ARM written on the windshield means the vehicle has an Automatic transmission, the engine Runs but requires a jump start, and it Moves under it's own power.

We don't know the complete history of these vehicles but the ones that Won't Start are marked W/S on the windshield. There are many reasons a vehicle won't start and the problem may be major or minor. We simply don't know. If we are aware of a problem such as no brakes, or a severe engine knock, we'll write that on the windshield.

If you're awarded a bid, the auction cart driver will give you a card showing the vehicle number, make, model and year along with the price you agreed to pay. Please take your bid number and vehicle information card into the Ewing Bros. auction office to finalize your auction purchase. Bidders are required to pay for ALL vehicles on which they successfully win the bid.

It's mandatory that you pay a 10% of the full purchase price or $100.00 deposit, (whichever amount is greater), on the day of the auction. We do not accept checks for vehicle purchases. Cash or credit cards only.

The winning bidder is required to pay a $29.25 *Nevada title fee and 8.15% *Nevada sales tax.

*Title fee and sales tax were current at the time this was written. Both are Nevada fees and subject to change without notice.

Any bidder who does not pay for their vehicle will forfeit their $100.00 bidder registration deposit and will be banned from attending future auctions. Absolutely no refunds, no exchanges, and no credit towards another vehicle. No exceptions!

Keys for vehicles will not be handed out until the entire auction is over. No vehicles may be removed from the Ewing Bros. Auction until the entire auction has been completed.

Titles will be mailed to you in your name from Carson City DMV to the address you have provided us. Please make certain we have your correct and current address.

The current time to receive your title from Carson City DMV is averaging four to eight weeks. Your actual time could be shorter or longer, but we have no control over the time it takes the state to issue and mail your title.

After the auction has concluded, the auction yard will remain open one hour after the end of the auction. Afterwards, you'll need to return on the Monday following the auction between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to pay the balance and/or remove you vehicle.

The Ewing Bros. Auction office will be closed on recognized holidays that fall on the Monday immediately following an auction. As most banks are also closed, we allow our bidders an additional day to pay the balance and remove their vehicle.

No vehicle repair work will be allowed inside the auction yard except for tire changes, battery swaps, or to prepare the vehicle for towing. You will not be allowed to bring in another car for jump starts and no fuel is allowed on the auction site.

Ewing Bros. will not be responsible for any stolen items or for damage to your vehicle after the auction has concluded. For your protection, we encourage you to pay for and remove your vehicle the day of the auction.

If a problem arises and the vehicle must be returned at our request, we'll be responsible for the sale price, sales tax, and title fee only. This is an extremely rare occurrence.

Most 49cc mopeds and scooters will not have a title issued so you'll receive only a bill of sale.

We welcome families to our auctions, but request that you keep your children by your side for their safety.

The auctioneer's announcements and decisions supersede all others, and he will make the final decision on awarding all bids. We are not responsible for any accidents, damage, or loss of any kind to persons attending an auction on Ewing Bros. property.