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Recovering Your Vehicle From Ewing Bros.

If your vehicle was towed at the request of a law enforcement agency, as the result of a private impound or accident, please come to 1200 A Street, Las Vegas, Nevada as soon as possible. Storage charges accrue daily, so it's important to reclaim your vehicle quickly to avoid paying additional days of storage.

What You'll Need

To pick up your vehicle you'll need:

  1. An acceptable form of photo identification

    A valid drivers license, Sheriff's cards, INS issued alien cards, Nevada gaming cards, work cards issued by LVMPD, passport, or an official state or Federal government issued photo identification card.

    All forms of ID must be current and valid.

  2. Proof of vehicle ownership

    • Current vehicle registration
    • A title listing your name on the front side
    • All signed-over titles must be accompanied by a bill of sale
    • Valid vehicle moving permits from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Current DMV printout listing you as the owner of the vehicle
    • Dealer's report of sale which has not expired

Picking up your vehicle between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday is your least expensive option. Any vehicle retrieved on a holiday, weekend, or after our normal business hours will result in an after-hours charge added when you reclaim your vehicle.

Ewing Bros. is open 24 hours each day, 365 days a year. We never close!

All rental vehicles can only be returned to an official representative of the rental company. Returning an impounded rental vehicle to a renter may violate the terms of the rental agreement and our obligation is to the actual owner of the vehicle which is the rental company or agency.

If your vehicle has an official police hold placed against it, you're required to obtain a written release from the impounding police agency prior to Ewing Bros. returning the vehicle to you.

We gladly accept cash and most major credit cards for impounded vehicles and consensual tows.

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, a signed and notarized letter from the legal owner authorizing Ewing Bros. to release the vehicle into your care and custody is required. The authorization letter must contain the vehicle identification number (VIN), along with a description of the vehicle.

An incarcerated vehicle owner may authorize another person to act on his or her behalf and pick up the impounded vehicle. An official vehicle release form is available to inmates, but it must be filled out and signed by the legal owner. A similar form is available at hospitals for accident victims who are unable to physically be on site to recover their vehicle or personal property.

Proof of insurance is not acceptable as proof of ownership!

Owners of a vehicle that will not be immediately removed from our secure storage facility will be allowed one free visit to remove personal items during our normal business hours. After-hours visits or additional vehicle visits during our normal business hours will result in additional charges. Wheels, amplifiers, batteries, radios or other vehicle parts or accessories that are attached to the vehicle are considered to be a part of the vehicle and may not be removed until all charges have been paid and the vehicle removed from our storage facility.